Indulec offers application specific “design-in” solutions to clients. Indulec’s experience base is in analog circuit design with emphasis on power electronic design. This includes switch-mode power converters (dc-dc as well as direct off line ac-dc) and class D switch-mode amplifiers (configured as voltage and/or current sources). The success of a switch-mode design, especially in terms of EMC, is quite dependent on its associated printed circuit board (PCB) design. It is for this reason that Indulec performs schematic capture and printed circuit board designs in-house (P-CAD 2004).


  • Many years experience in the development of high reliable electronics (military and satellite applications)
  • Long distance contract development work for a client in Austria (5 years) completed successfully
  • Successful products in daily use with “designed-in” circuits from Indulec
  • Experienced P-CAD2004 printed circuit board design (hand routing only)
  • Experience in solving EMC emission and susceptibility problems